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Make your way to the Queen of the Deccan - Pune with Shrinath Solitaire!

It is a difficult time with the COVID-19 cases increasing again. People are rethinking about travelling anywhere, but we at Shrinath Solitaire are making sure that you can travel safely. And, so for the people of Bhilwara, we have come up with ease to reach Delhi - Our special Volvo AC bus especially for Bhilwara to Delhi. And, if your town lies amidst these two destinations, you can book a ticket too.

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The Volvo AC bus comes with ample benefits that make your travel super-comfortable and equivalent to sitting in a hotel room.

What do we offer in our Bhilwara to Delhi Volvo AC bus?

1. Private shutter for cabin privacy:

If you are constantly worried that there will be people around you, which increases the chances of catching the virus, don’t worry. In all our Volvo AC buses, including the Bhilwara to Delhi route, we give separate cabins. Yes, you can shut the private shutter for cabin privacy.

2. Attendant call bell:

Whether you need assistance in something or want to lower the AC temperature on the bus, you can use the attendant call bell. It allows you to ask the attendee for urgent services - like getting down when not feeling well, asking for a water bottle, or anything.

3. Free Wi-Fi:

During the route from Bhilwara to Delhi, there will be times when you won’t have a mobile network, and this is when you will be wondering what to do. Well, not anymore! With Shrinath Solitaire, you get to access the free wi-fi. With this facility, you can quickly contact your family or friends and inform them about your current location.

4. Luggage tags for identification:

With the 6 feet social distance to maintain and avoid the long queue, you mustn’t lose track of your handbags, luggage bags, etc., and so we at Shrinath Solitaire provide a service - Luggage tags!

Yes, your luggage has a tag of your name and seat number so that it doesn’t get lost in the heap of other luggage. This is also good for security service.

Our new feature - FLEXI TICKETS!

You get the following services -

  • Free rescheduling 8 hours before the onboard. If you have a change in the plan, you can reschedule the tickets for a different time slot or date. All you have to do is inform us about 8 hours before the onboard.
  • 50% refund on ticket cancellation 12 hours before the onboard!

These were the benefits and comfort you get with Shrinath Solitaire’s Volvo AC bus from Bhilwara to Delhi. If you are planning to visit Shirdi, you can look up our super comfortable Volvo AC bus from Bhilwara to Delhi. Want to book tickets for your future travel? The Shrinath website has all the options to make booking tickets online accessible and super-easy! Simply visit here and choose the seat of your choice.

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