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Travel Songs That Will Make Your Bus Journey Beautiful

A journey without a suitable soundtrack is like a cake without icing. But a journey with a soundtrack that perfectly defines it as you gaze through the windshield of your bus seat, is a whole other vibe.

Singing the songs along and watching the sunset through the bus window, gives a feeling of how beautiful life is, and how amazing is the journey to your destination. Whether you are travelling back home or you are going back to work or you are going to a friend who lives in a different city, a song can be the best travel partner for you.

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If you are travelling with Shrinath Solitaire, then don’t worry, your song won’t buffer for long, as we provide free wi-fi throughout your travel. We know music while travelling is super necessary and is one of the major components of your travel kit.

But when it comes to travel song playlist, we miss the gems that we want to listen to but can’t remember that moment.

Here’s a compiled list of old and new songs that we Shrinath Solitaire think should be in every traveller’s playlist.

Start rhyming along -

1. O Sanam by Lucky Ali -

When it comes to travel and songs, who can forget the legendary man - Lucky Ali. O Sanam is the most beautiful song that everyone would agree with. While you comfortably rest on the seats of the Shrinath Solitaire AC bus, listen to this song that brings back all the rosy memories that you’ve had. It is a soft melody that can transport you into the deep flow of memories and beautiful vibe.

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2. Yunhi Chala (Swadesh):

Treading along the road less travelled in India through a comfortable Volvo AC bus, then this song is a must-have in your playlist. This song will bring back your spirits, make you feel more connected to your birthplace - India, and also if you find someone sings along, you both can shout it out and enjoy a great time together on an amazing trip.

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3. Dil Chahta Hai:

It is hard to accept that you still haven’t made a plan for Goa, but you can surely listen to this amazing track. It is the ultimate Hindi travel song for road trips and especially if you are going on a trip with your friends or family. While you enjoy the bus service on Shrinath Solitaire, you can take a chance to slip in this song on your personal TV and enjoy it to the fullest.

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4. Khwabon Ke Parindey (ZNMD):

The travel song anthem for years to come. Who doesn’t want their thoughts to flutter away in the sky to meet endless happiness. But, make sure you don’t do that waving your hand thing, that Hrithik did, because it is a bus and we at Shrinath Solitaire care about you and your comfort.

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5. Hum Jo Chalne Lage (Jab We Met):

While solo travels are absolute bliss, but when you have someone along with you, make sure that you share the moments absolutely stunning like Kareena did with Shahid in Jab We Met. This beautiful song speaks volume about how exciting a journey becomes when you have someone by your side.

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These songs are the ones that will freshen up your mood while you travel across the cities. Make sure that you save them for the next time you travel with Shrinath Solitaire.

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