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Top Books to Read during Bus Journey

Travelling gives people an outlook into a world separate from their comfort zones. They go beyond normal, explore places and in the process explore themselves. Books who are called the best friend of the person take them into the world of the writer. It is with the wordplay that people think they are a part of the story. We all have felt that while reading a book!

When traveling and best books combine- it is the best combination to explore oneself. While you are traveling to your destination, the journey can be long. In that, you need support and that my dear friend will be novels.

Traveling in the bus means carrying all essential travel kit with you all time. One thing that you add to it is books and with one of the best bus services in Rajasthan and India, you need not worry about comfort. From lights to cozy space, we have it all.

Let’s move towards the best reads for 2020.

1. Hobbit

The book’s story is set in middle-east and is a gripping experience for people who do not want to just focus on books during travel. It takes you to a fantasy world of an adventure journey. The book inspires people to travel more and is one of the most blissful stories.

While you enjoy the view from your comfortable bus, you can easily run through this amazing story by Tolkien.

2. The Alchemy Of Desire

A travel story that takes you from Delhi to the jaw-dropping location of Himalayas. It is an addictive read for people as the story talks about how the life of the protagonist was his creativity and his stunning wife. The books also have excerpts of erotic descriptions for people who enjoy such reads while traveling. An added advantage is the description of the scenes he sees while traveling through the Himalayas. If you could put, the book is a mixture of multiple kinds of emotions like love, playfulness, and beauty. Imagine just a light on the top on your bus and this read.

3. Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a beautiful book set around three most beautiful places-India, Italy and Bali. An amalgamation of three cultures of pleasure, devotion, and abandonment that carries no guilt.

It is the story of an American woman who has everything that one can think of. The other elements are her husband, a career and a country home. What she needs though is peace at heart. The books talk about her courage and boldness where she leaves everything behind in order to move on with separation from her husband. The read gives you immense strength and power and a freedom-like experience. Cool to read lying on the recliner on the bus, isn’t it?

4. On The Road

A novel must-read for all nomads, backpackers and someone who likes to live off the normal.A story that covers multiple American 1950’s underground areas like jazz, sex, drugs and ultimately giving you the meaning of your life.

Travel and Novel- explore your life a book!

4. Shantaram

It is a story of an Australian convict who escapes his country, comes to India. The story revolves and shows the multiple parts where he worked for gangsters, fights people, even gets jailed in Mumbai and falls in love too. It gives you chill down your spine about the life in slums. Well-written and one of the best books to go through while traveling.

While these are just a few suggestions, you can go through multiple books as per your taste. These are the books that you must cover before 2020 is over.

If you are a traveler who loves to read, there are certain other things that you must look for in a bus before you book it. It is only with a comfortable journey that you enjoy the best of both worlds- Travelling and reading.

We at Shrinath understand this as so, our buses are full of amenities that suit the reader cum traveler or vice versa. We have small light for every seat, a cozy blanket, recliners, and sleeper coaches too. We also provide you water and a careful driver that is crucial during a journey.

If you are looking for the best bus service that provides you all essential traveling kits, book us for your next journey!

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