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Top 5 places you can travel to during Lockdown

It is so difficult to write this blog up and narrow down my thoughts before you guys find me out and kill me for talking about traveling at this time. Bear with me guys! I am in my senses.

With countries around the world enforcing a lockdown and following strict measures to enforce Quarantine and Social distancing, we might be doomed for talking about traveling places at this time. But being a true travel junkie from the bottom of our heart and soul, we can not help but daydream about the days when we had all the freedom in the world to travel new and beautiful places in the world. And you can’t be blamed for dreaming of those days either, because you need to keep your spirits high until the normality returns and it gets safe again to travel around.

We know, you are left pondering as to why did we, in the first place, mention the 5 best places to travel during this lockdown? SHOCKED? Aren’t you? Without wasting your time any further, here are those places that you should travel to at this time:

1. Chhat-in-ghar

Best known for its brilliant view and abundant fresh air, the terrace is the place to chill and feel alive at! The best time to visit this place is early morning, during the sundowner or in the late night if you wish to do some stargazing and deep thinking by yourself.

One can also plan to dine-in with their family or their partner, on the terrace, enjoying the view and celebrating, until the cafes and restaurants open their gates. Some people also use this place to stay active, so all the hiking lovers can travel here to breathe their wanderlust out from their lungs every morning through exercise.

2. Bedistan

Our personal favorite, Bed-istan is the place where you can spend the maximum time in the utmost comfort. Snooze all your worries and household chores for hours and hours here.

Whether it is about binge-watching your favorite entertainer or about sleeping with your mouth wide open, this is the coziest place you can travel to, while in self-quarantine. So, all those who crave for luxury can sneak into their cozy beds and work and play in comfort.

Avoid munching all the snacks here, or you will end up being friends with the bugs during the night.

3. Kitchen Nadu

All those people who love to travel to different places to discover exotic cuisines, drop by here! The best time to visit this place is midnight when mommy is nowhere near to nudge you for your guilty pleasure of disorganizing the kitchen while cooking. Kitchen-Nadu allows you to satiate all your flavor-cravings all by yourself. You can take help from youtube that can guide you to reach to Kitchen Nadu just like Google maps would have helped had there been no lockdown. Cook to feed your family and yourself, who knows you might end being a Masterchef by the time life gets back to normal.

4. Angan Pradesh

This place is best known for its capacity. If you are a fan of walk-while-you-talk, you will often love to visit this place in the house. You may reach the porch and take a walk while you overthink life. Because this way you won’t gain weight at least!

Also, going outside the room and talking to the entire family feels great. In fact, take your family along and play some games and make beautiful memories.

5. Sofa-pur

A perfect place to park yourself and binge watch all the pending series and movies in your bucket list. You may also just lay back and read your favorite books that were hanging in for completion since forever.

Sofa-pur being a fun-tastic place, is the source of all the major entertainment you can have all throughout the day. This make sit a place, one can not “not go” to!

We know, we know, these are not for real! But looking at the gravity of the situation outside, it would be wise that we stay back inside our home and still enjoy it. There is no point in being sad or feeling depressed, in fact, you have the option of doing a lot of things that will be important for your growth.

Once after the lockdown is over, Shrinath buses promise to take you to all the epic tourist places in India that you have been longing to visit. Until then, just stay at home and maintain your calm. Our luxury travel services will be at your service very very soon.

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