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Top 5 Pros Of Traveling By A Bus

The new age has brought multiple modes of transport but one thing that still rules our heart is traveling by bus. In the time when reaching a place is just a matter of hours, the bus resonates as an old-school concept. Although it is a traditional mode of transport, bus transport still is preferred by many across the globe and countries.

There are multiple normal and various bus travel agencies that provide their services across India. As time has evolved, so have the bus services. There are so many offerings on a bus, from comfortable seats to sleeper coaches, from lights to Wi-Fi-enabled busses and much more than a customer can avail while traveling by a luxury bus.

While one looks for multiple options to book a luxury bus, Shrinath Travels is one of the most preferred bus services. While we will not talk about us more, let’s see why buses still are the best transport service.

Why Is Bus Best Mode of Public Transport

● Drop At Nearest Point

When one travels into the unknown city, it is essential that you get down from your bus in the right place. While airports and train stations are generally located far from multiple parts of the city, a bus gets in the city and drops you to the nearest point. For example, if you took a bus from Udaipur to Ahmedabad, where do you wish to go? If you wanted to go to the city, you will choose the drooping point that’s nearest to your location.

● Online Bus Ticket Booking Is Easy

Compared to any other mode of transport, booking a bus ticket is an easy process. You just need to log into an app that has a list of various buses on time and book one that’s best for you. The hassle of booking is not much as you just need to enter a few details and even if you make a mistake, your ticket isn’t canceled. You can talk to your bus service provider and the issues will be resolved.

● Reminder Calls to Journey

We all know that multiple times, we miss out on the exact timing of the bus. Not only this, while you are in an unknown land, you often do not know the different points where you can board the bus. Here comes the bus service provider to rescue. They will not only call to confirm your journey but multiple times also guide you to the right point of boarding.

● Travel Whenever You Wish To

Unlike planes and trains where you need to pre-plan your journey, the bus as a mode of transport is readily available. Yes, the best service provider might not have a bus at every time, but you surely can leave the same day you wish to travel.

Imagine you need to go to Mumbai as there is some emergency and no other mode is available. What would you do? Bus, of course. Yes, buses are operational 24*7 and that’s the reason you can travel without much planning. All you need to do is book your preferable seat and you are all set to go.

● Access to multiple amenities

We agree that traveling by bus takes a lot of time but, with that, when you book a luxury bus you get access to multiple facilities like adjustable seats, charger points, and even Wi-Fi. There are various bus services where you even have access to a personal small TV in your sleeper with movies to charge your mood.


Traveling by bus has been advantageous to travelers in multiple ways. While we have listed the top 5 benefits, we would love to hear it from you about your experience and what makes you choose the bus over any other mode of transport. Every mode of transport has its own unique pros and well, with the bus, it is an altogether different experience.

Buses have been preferred by many people as it is an affordable option to travel across the country. The bus services have evolved and as per the need, people can choose their buses and go to their location.

If you are looking for traveling, the Shrinath website has it all listed. We ensure that your journey will be comfortable and safe as we also have luxury buses also. Visit it here, and see the options. We promise you the best experience with our services and traveling essentials kits always there for you!

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