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Who thought one day we have to wake up to the news that the entire nation is locked down! Terrible right? The feeling of not going out, the feeling of being trapped behind the doors, the feeling of not knowing when will all of this become super-normal again?

Well, we don’t have the situation in our hands, but we can surely adapt to and accept reality. This is the only way you can resume to those beautiful bus journey! Shrinath Solitaire Bus Travels have adapted to the new normal and follows measures to ensure that each and every passenger feels safe and secure.

We believe in the freedom from unhygienic buses, delay in travel, expensive travel! And, so we are here with the future of the bus journey and how everything will be so different when you enter inside the Shrinath Solitaire Bus Travels.

Since the start of the pandemic, Shrinath Solitaire in Rajasthan has been focussing on safety related to COVID-19 and overall hygiene. We have set another level of cleanliness in our best Volvo buses in Rajasthan and everywhere. Shrinath Solitaire always has and will always have the aim to offer passengers a safe and secure way to travel by Volvo buses in these times, while also providing a comfortable and relaxing journey.

So, are you eager to know about the changes that you will experience in this New Normal? Here are some significant changes that you will experience -

1. Masks More Than Faces:

Yes, in Shrinath bus travels we adhere to the norms given by the Government of India and want that nothing goes wrong. We know that the COVID-19 is here to stay for a long time, and thus we ensure that no passenger and no staff member enters the bus without a mask on their face. This is the new normal that you will experience when you board a bus.

2. Thermal Check-Ups:

While we used to keep an eye on the temperature of the weather, now we have to keep a check on our body temperature. When you board the Shrinath Solitaire Bus Travels in Udaipur or anywhere in Rajasthan, you will be checked, and the staff will be monitored for temperature before boarding. If the temperature is right, you can board, if not we will ask you to get yourself checked and not board the bus. The same goes for the staff members.

3. Sanitizer Everywhere:

One thing that has become super-important in the bus journey other than the bus ticket is sanitizer! Yes, to ensure that each of the passengers is safe from Corona Virus, we give sanitizer satchels on the bus. This way, even if you forget to bring your own sanitizer, we are here to safeguard you from the virus.

4. Sorry! No Blankets!:

Yes, you would not have the comfort of the blankets/linens, but you will surely have the comfort of hygienic, and clean. Blankets/linens can be the direct transmission of the Corona Virus, and so we have refrained from providing it to the passengers.

So, that’s what you will experience. Coronavirus might have brought us all a step-down, but has guided us a new way to lead life; How we can avoid those problems that might occur in the near future, by just maintaining the hygienic life. Not only this, but we are also all set to take extraordinary measures to make your journey refreshing, relieving, and comfortable! This is done by providing water bottles, sanitizing the entire bus along with seats and corners after every trip, and also providing required facilities (Free wifi, charging point, and many other facilities) to make the journey of customers successful!

Solitaire is staying safe and adhering to the new normal!

Want to book tickets for your future travel, the Shrinath Solitaire website has all the options to make online bus ticket booking smooth! Simply visit here and choose the seat of your choice.

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