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Shrinath will keep your journey warm in these Winters

Winters come around with a lot of cherishable features. The blooming flowers, the delicious recipes, bright colors, pink cheeks, spark of the bonfire and a lot of little beautiful things. The best part annexed with the season is vacations. In India, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and a lot of coming festivities are falling in the cold months which will give us a lot of holidays to travel around.

And, don’t we all deserve a vacation after the months of lockdown. Obviously, travel only with utmost safety measures to make sure you and the others around do not compromise on your health. Are you feeling that planning a trip with loved ones or visiting relatives with family could be an excellent plan for the non-working days, but the temperature can be an issue for you? Don’t worry! Shrinath Solitaire has got your back.

Today this blog will talk about how you can travel with supreme comfort and facility in the cold weather while being safe:

Temperature Control Volvos

A big thanks to the technology that our lives have become supremely comfortable in comparison to what it used to be for humans 50 years back. Shrinath Solitaire Volvos are full with features which bring utmost luxury and comfort at your disposal. These vehicles allow to set and control the temperature as per the preferences of passengers. The temperatures are set at the most comfortable and cozy numbers so that it neither stays cold nor too warm but perfectly pleasant for you to travel. This way, everyone can stay warm with more powerful heaters than what’s available in a standard automobile.

SunShine breaks

Midway restaurants, Tea breaks, coffee chit chats are integral parts of a happy winter journey. They even work to keep you sane and fit while keeping fatigue at bay. Especially considering people who have health issues like paining joints, diabetes, nausea, breaks are a bliss. Shrinath Solitaire will make sure to take halts at the cleanest, safest, sanitized and warmest places. Here, you can stretch your body, indulge in hot beverages, take delicious snacks, use restrooms and can relax in the sun to restart with full power on the journey again.

Winter-friendly comforts

What can be better than sliding in blankets and being in your world of dreams? If you are opting for an overnight journey with shrinath Solitaire, we will provide clean, warm and sanitized blankets to keep you warm and protected. In the current scenario of the pandemic, you are even allowed to carry your blankets.

Does going in the blissful warm sleep scare you? Don’t stress! The internet and GPS make all know how much time is left to reach the destination and the “Wake-Up-Alarm” feature of the best Volvo bus service goes hand in hand with this. The passengers receive a wake-up call a few minutes before the location of departure is about to come so that no one misses on to get off at the right place. This even gives the time to a traveller to get organised and make sure all the baggage has been packed and picked up from the seats.

Premium features

With comfortable amenities like charging points, television, adjustable seats, packaged drinking water, disposable bed sheet, GPS, reading light, blanket, and emergency exit; these buses have become the best choice for long-distance travel. With its superior acceleration, the luxury bus services cut short the travel time for the bus travellers. Also, Volvo buses can be run for 22 hours at a stretch without the slightest need for maintenance. If the bus breaks down, it will be repaired in or before 6 hours; else a 300% refund is granted to customers from Shrinath.

As one of the best transportation companies in India, we understand the precautions which need to be undertaken to keep people safe during the journey or commute. There’s no denying that travelling with unknown people as of now carries an unfortunate risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. The bus staff will wear masks at all times and would only be assigned post thorough check-up.

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