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Why Is Shrinath Solitaire Private Bus The Safest For Family Vacation?

Public transport was sufficient to get you to popular places in India, but with the outbreak of Covid19, the situation is not the same. People now want safe options to travel because they are utterly bored after months of lockdown. There have been no stones left unturned where people wish to find means through which they can spend quality time with loved ones amidst safety measures.

This is where the Shrinath Solitaire rental private bus comes into the picture. The services are luxurious, affordable, and safe to host large groups. With monsoons here, you can make most of this mesmerizing weather and travel place of your choice with no fear of contamination of disease.

With a personal bus hire, you won’t have to worry about your conveyance at all. So pack up your picnic kit and mini travel kit to get away on weekends (or weekdays) with the most trusted Shrinath Solitaire.

You’ll be able to evenly split costs and don’t have to divide into teams to travel. This way, you stay together along the journey and make even better memories! Read why Shrinath Solitaire private bus is ideal for vacationing with loved ones.

Safest option

Transport restrictions have been lifted up but travelling with strangers can always be susceptible. You just don’t know who is coming from where and if there are any chances of spread of coronavirus or any other infection. With your own people, you have no such fear, moreover, the Shrinath services are taking utmost precautions to keep covid infections at bay.

With a Shrinath Solitaire bus on rent, your group is even less likely to fall victim to crime and can enjoy a safe vacation. Since the bus is yours for the duration, you can leave all valuables behind without having to take them wherever you go.

Choose your favourite routes

Public buses function on specific routes. With a Shrinath bus you will be able to customize your journey entirely. You’ll also be able to get to destinations that aren’t serviced by public transport frequently or at all. For Instance, you are a resident of Udaipur and want to go on a trip to a nearby place where no public transport takes you - Shrinath Solitaire buses will be your saviour.

You can stop at any number of places you like or make last-minute diversions to a must-see location that someone just remembered!

Enjoy privacy

You can talk about anything under the roof, sing songs, play pranks and can have time of your life when you are with no strangers. It isn’t easy to adjust to other travellers, even if it is for a few hours. Hiring a Shrinath Solitaire rental bus means you can travel with people you’re already comfortable with without making any adjustments.

Travel together

If 20 people want to go on a trip together, the same can’t be done with cars. You will obviously reach your destination, but not together. The private bus rentals can give you the liberty to pick from 15, 18, 20, 21, 22, and 25-seater buses. Contact Shrinath Solitaire now and check what capacity buses are they offering for your next weekend get-away.

No cutting plans short

When using public transport, you will need to plan your schedule around fixed departure and arrival times. This can take the fun out of a trip, especially if you need to be at your boarding point at the right time. With a private bus, you can take all the time you need at a certain spot without the worry of missing your bus or flight. You can also add more stops to your itinerary if you have the time, as you have the Shrinath Solitaire private bus at your service to take you to and fro.

As one of the best transport agency in India, we understand the precautions which need to be undertaken to keep people safe during the journey or commute. There’s no denying that travelling with unknown people as of now carries an unfortunate risk during the Covid-19 pandemic. The bus staff will wear masks at all times and would only be assigned post thorough check-up. So, if you believe in travelling safe, travel with Shrinath Solitaire.

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