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How Shrinath Solitaire Makes People’s Journey Memorable!

Customer satisfaction and comfort is our priority! It is something that we can never surpass no matter what is the condition. During these hard times where the world turned upside down, people experienced a lot of issues regarding trusting for the commute to their hometown or to their work location. But working day and night, and strictly adhering to the government guidelines for COVID-19 and putting up extra efforts for creating a healthy, hygienic cocoon for our customers, we were recognised and praised by our beloved customers!

Today, we take pride in sharing one of the travels that made us stand tall with pride.

Mr Tiwari from Udaipur travelled in our Shrinath Solitaire’s best AC Volvo bus to his hometown, Ahmedabad. Here’s what he experienced after his travel with us -

“I was with my mother, just the two us, and we had to visit our hometown immediately for some urgent work. Being scared of how to travel during this time and being specifically concerned about my mother, I searched for the best buses in town for safe travel. Going through the entire website and also looking deep into the protocols they were following, I booked a ticket. It was petrifying for us, as it was the first time travelling in bus transport after the lockdown. What interested me the most was that no one was allowed without thermal check-ups and masks. All the employees were following the protocols - they were wearing a mask, gloves, and sanitising the entire bus before we were on-boarded. Plus, the luggage to our surprise was properly arranged, unlike the other buses where they inattentively throw the luggage at the back of the bus.

The factors that I love the most were -

  • - Utilities were given.
  • - Sanitizers were given to each and every traveller.
  • - Restroom stops were super-hygienic.
  • - GPS tracking.
  • - And, wake up 30 minutes before the stop arrives, so even if I was sleeping, I wouldn’t miss the stop(though it was so comfortable and relaxing that I was enjoying the entire ride.)
  • - My mom was comfortable and this is what actually made my travel with them wonderful. In all, my experience with Shrinath Solitaire was super-amazing, I would highly recommend this best bus service in Rajasthan to everyone.”

This was the review from Mr Tiwari. And, we are all thankful for his genuine words for our Shrinath Solitaire. If you are planning to go to your hometown and are still scared to go in public transport, then you can book a ticket with us. We ensure super-safe, hygienic, and ultra-comfortable ride to your desired destination.

Click on online bus ticket booking and get ready for safe travel with us.

We are not only limited to safe bus journeys, we have also triumphed in Cargo Services. We are one of the country’s best cargo service providers and have made thousands of safe parcel deliveries for big brands and businesses.

The cargo services by Shrinath Solitaire has the following features to make it effortless delivery -

  • - The third day guaranteed delivery: The package is promised to be delivered within 3 days from the departure.
  • - GPS Tracking: You can live check where your parcel has reached which gives the ease to you, as you won’t be all-time worried about “where your parcel is?”.
  • - Payload options - We give customised payload options that cost you according to the weight of your parcel. For instance, if you give a 3 kg parcel to be delivered, we will cost you the same.

These are the features of our cargo services. Get your bulk orders/parcels delivered safely with Shrinath Solitaire. And, if you have travelled with us, we would love to hear from you.

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