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We’re Back and Better - Shrinath Solitaire Volvo Bus Services Resumed!

COVID-19 pandemic shrunk the economy by a large percentage that no business/brand could survive. Not only this, but the travel industry also took a significant hit as the Government of India temporarily suspended interstate and international travel.

But with the ‘Unlock’ phase, the services have resumed. By improving the services and taking precautionary measures we are back with our amazing, and the best Volvo Bus services.

Depending on the COVID-19 situations, we have come back more hygienic and with strict measures to ensure there’s no risk traveling with us. If you have travel plans and you are afraid of traveling on a bus, then leave your worries behind, our best Shrinath Bus Services have tackled the issue by taking stringent steps, like -


● Staff wearing masks throughout the journey.


● Cleaning and sanitization of the bus after every trip.


● Hand sanitizer satchels are provided to every passenger.


● Strict thermal screening of the staff, as well as the passenger, is done before onboarding.


● Refraining from providing any blanket/linen to avoid the transmission. (This is for your safety!)

We take this seriously so that no passenger suffers from any issue during this COVID-19 time. Shrinath Solitaire Volvo Services in Rajasthan ensure a safe and healthy journey adhering to the qualities we hold and the ultimate precautionary measures taken by us. Here are things that you can experience if you choose Shrinath Solitaire Bus as your journey partner, then here it is -

1. Want to travel safely? Shrinath Solitaire Bus Services are for you:

Traveling on a bus is a nightmare for everyone, we understand as there are buses that make it look tough to go. But it is not the same as Shrinath bus travels. How?

Well, we take pride in telling you that we are customer-centric and want our travelers not to experience any mishap during the journey. From cleaning and sanitizing the bus after every trip to vacuuming the seats, and providing essential throughout the journey like water bottle, sanitizer satchels, we try to satiate crucial requirements.

2. Want a worry-free journey? Choose Us:

Want to reschedule journey? Want to get off a decided stop? Don’t want to wait for the bus at the station? Then, leave the worries. We ensure a worry-free journey. We can reschedule your bus booking, get you off at the stop you want, and our buses are always on time. You are notified prior to your journey about the timings.

You can book the tickets right from your home, without putting yourself to risk by going out.

3. Want to have the luxury? We have got it:

We offer world-class amenities for our Shrinath Volvo Buses! You can experience luxury while travelling. Wifi, charging point, CCTV, reading lights, movies, water bottles, wet tissues and GPS, you get everything while you are on the Shrinath Solitaire Bus!

4. Sit, Sleep, or Be Comfortable:

Recliner seats in our Shrinath Solitaire Volvo Buses are super-comfy and you can adjust it according to your requirement. The seats are regularly vacuumed after each trip so that no dust-particle causes any allergy.

This was all about how COVID-19 stopped us from delivering you the best journey experience, but with the UNLOCK phase, we’re back on the roads to make you reach your home. Shrinath Solitaire ensures that a passenger experiences the best bus service. You can reschedule your tickets, you can be assured that our buses are super-clean, hygienic, and all set to keep you safe. We at Shrinath Solitaire travel to ensure that you have the best trip to your desired destination and thus we facilitate you with all the essentials and notifications required during the journey.

So, if you are all set to start the journey in the unlock phase, it is time to switch to Shrinath Solitaire for online booking services, we have amazing Volvo buses in Rajashtan to give you a comfortable bus journey experience.

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