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How Shrinath’s Wi-Fi Connectivity Can Help You On A Bus Journey?

The world is getting run by the internet today and losing connectivity even for a minute can result in loss of business, fun, connectivity and much more. Shrinath Solitaire swears by to give its clients the maximum comforts and facilities and doesn’t want them to suffer in any area at any cost.

To keep providing the amazing services, Shrinath travel and transport agency has installed Wi-Fi in their luxury buses so that while you travel, you don’t miss anything going around in your world.

This blog will talk about how Shrinath Solitaire’s Wi-Fi connectivity can help you on a bus journey. Read below!

Save on data usage

While you are traveling, you cannot afford to be reckless about the amount of data you are using for the internet. You have to make sure you are using the data judiciously so that it lasts for the most important tasks throughout the day. When you will connect your technological devices with Wi-Fi of the bus, your cell phone data will be saved which can be used when you get off from the bus journey.

Stay connected everywhere

You might have noticed that while traveling, your phone loses network several times. Even a 5-minute phone call could take half-an-hour because of repeated disruption. When you have solid Wi-Fi at your disposal, you can make sure to stay connected digitally with Wi-Fi of the best bus service in Rajasthan. You can make calls and do all almost everything with the smooth internet of the bus.

Catch up on work

With great Wi-Fi services, you can be sure to not waste time and keep the work mode on. A lot of students travel for taking exams in other cities, a lot of people travel for business purpose or for attending conferences and meetings. In such scenarios, Wi-Fi is needed to prepare for the moment.

Working-class needs to attend calls, receive and send, mails, and share a lot of information and documents through the online mediums. While traveling through Shrinath, you can be sure to not miss your work even for a minute.

Still in doubt about the fact if hour phone or laptop or any other device’s battery goes down? Don’t worry! This luxury bus travel agency has buses that give you charging sockets right at your set so that you never fear a dead electronic device.

Vlog the trip

The world is on social media platforms? Where you want to be!

Wherever you are traveling with the premium services of Shrinath Solitaire, you can make sure to make great videos, capture the beauty of roads, weather, greenery, nature, travellers, the beautiful mid-way hotels, and everything in-between. The same can be posted on your social media handles instantly with the power of Wi-Fi connectivity and this can kill your time through the engagement you will receive on your updates.

Also if you are into blogging or vlogging, having a strong internet connection while you travel is non-negotiable for you. You can even charge the battery of your camera, phone and all the devices you use for the purpose while being on the bus.


The Wi-Fi supports on the most premium features of the Shrinath Buses – GPS. With this feature, you would know where you are heading towards, how much time is left to reach the destination, and how long you have travelled already and how much more is to go. You can even keep your family, friends, or loved ones updated about your whereabouts.

This feature gives the utmost safety and security to all travellers, especially females.

Hence, Shrinath Solitaire is the safest traveling option for women.

Wake up alarm

The internet and GPS make all know how much time is left to reach the destination and the “Wake-Up-Alarm” feature of the best volvo bus service goes hand in hand with this. The passengers receive a wake-up call a few minutes before the location of departure is about to come so that no one misses on to get off at the right place. This even gives the time to a traveller to get organized and make sure all the baggage has been packed and picked up from the seats.

Whether you are booking a bus for leisure or work or traveling for any purpose, having a Wi-Fi aboard expands your on-board options for both everything. This amenity is just another factor that contributes to the list of comforts Shrinath Solitaire offers.

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