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Bus transportation has played a major role in Indians’ travel experience. As highways became more modern and well-constructed, the country suddenly became more accessible to all. Thus came Shrinath Travels, bus service in Rajasthan with their new luxury buses that made the short as well as long journeys ultra-comfortable with their air-conditioned buses, silent cabins, recliner seats, broad windows giving panoramic views. This blog will talk about the major services which the original Shrinath, with the “i” provides! Read along to know it all!

Cargo services

Shrinath initiated offering point to point cargo services making sure that the parcels that clients intend to send off to other destinations are well-taken care of. Naturally borne of the company’s nature of the business, and in an attempt to level with the rise of logistics services due to the spark of online commerce, cargo services in India was seen as a great move by Shrinath to offer more valuable services to its clients. The agency believes that the packages that are put in their charge are the extension of the quality of care that each sender wraps along with the physical item they’re sending. A fleet of 50 buses is used in B2B, B2C, and courier services which make for a hassle-free and efficient experience for all its patrons.

Children working away can send much-needed items to their parents back at home, friends can send their loved ones gift items on birthdays as an extension of their love. Thriving businesses and start-ups can also send goods and supplies to their clientele and branches as needed; online sellers can also take advantage of bulk services. Because of the frequency of trips by these buses, patrons can be assured that their packages are sent to their intended destination in the shortest possible time.

Staff contract buses

Shrinath staff bus service provides the ultimate comfort for commuters traveling for official trips or to and fro between the office and home. Various features have been incorporated to enhance the aesthetic appeal and safety of travel. Shrinath is the first choice of corporate houses in Rajasthan when it comes to staff bus rentals and is chosen as the most preferred mode of transport for the employees. These fully built buses offer the best comfort and amenities.

Luxury and economy travel AC buses.

Shrinath was among the first agencies that introduced the Volvo bus service in Rajasthan. Apart from Volvo, there are several other luxury and economy travel AC buses. All are fitted with air conditioning units perfect for the hot and humid states of our country. Even in winters, the temperature can be set to a warm ambiance. A lot of bus services give few facilities but cannot manage the time schedules. Shrinath is disciplined in the matter, and by any chance, if the bus gets delayed by 50 minutes or more, there is a provision of OTG [On time guarantee service] wherein you are offered a flat 25% refund.

With comfortable amenities like charging points, television, adjustable seats, packaged drinking water, disposable bed sheet, GPS, reading light, blanket, and emergency exit; these buses have become the best choice for long-distance travel. With its superior acceleration, the luxury bus services cut short the travel time for the bus travelers. Also, Volvo buses can be run for 22 hours at a stretch without the slightest need for maintenance. If the bus breaks down, it will be repaired in or before 6 hours, else a 300% refund is granted to customers from Shrinath.

With the supremely hassle-free cancellation policies usable from the website, Shrinath Travel Agency is one of the most popular bus service operators in India. Mainly it operates in big states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. U.P, M.P.

It possesses an incredible fleet of buses offering more than 107 bus travel services at around 100 routes daily. The fleet incorporates Multi Axle Volvo AC Sleeper, Bharta Benz Ac Sleeper, Scania Ac Seater / Sleeper buses, AC Sleeper, Non AC Sleeper, AC Seater, and Non AC Seater. The main focus lies on the patron’s convenience and on the on-time boarding of buses are their points. The staff is expert, experienced as well as patient in handling all possible queries of the patrons. The services are designed to make sure the passenger stays comfortable through each stage of the trip. The experienced drivers with thorough background checks and documentation ensure the journey is a relaxing and fun-filled experience.

You can effortlessly book tickets for the best bus service in Rajasthan through www.shrinath.biz. You can choose from various payment alternatives like debit, credit cards, or NEFT transfer, money wallet. You can also select the kind of seat and the bus as per your preferred time.

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