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Tips For Keeping Your Family Safe And Healthy While Traveling

Travel more, spend less and let’s make travel a priority in life!

Whether you’re sad, happy, anxious or angry, travelling has always turned out to be a therapy. No matter if it’s with your friends, family or you’re travelling solo, travel has something in it which can make you feel at your best and can help you discover your unexplored inner self.

Let’s face it, that at this point, you may be craving to get away for a bit but then we know that we’re all bound to the circumstances.

Along with having fun and entertainment which is the core part of travelling, we should not forget that everyone should be safe and healthy during the trip. Everyone should take care of their safety and be alert as there is a way out to escape your worries, but there is no way out if you get into something dangerous which might risk your life.

Here are some easy and simple ways in which you can reduce your risk of getting ill and keep yourself safe while travelling.

1. Why not Start with a Safety Briefing:

If you’re travelling solo, then you just have to be responsible for yourself, but when you’re travelling with your family, especially kids, then you need to be more aware and alert at every step.

And during these days, kids might also be asking about the global pandemic that is very much dangerous and risking for them. While explaining them, please keep it very simple and easy as many of them might not grasp the complexities of the deadly virus. And assure that you don’t make them nervous or scared about the virus, rather you make them aware to stay safe.

Tell them how they can protect themselves and answer all of their questions.

2. You Need to Set Your Own Rules and Standards:

There are many people around who keep their standards preferably high and there is nothing wrong in that. But there is one thing that you need to do, which is setting your standards and rules. You have to be very much careful about keeping yourself clean and sane. Specially, when you’re travelling during this time, you need to be very specific about your health and hygiene.

At the same time, you need to stick to all the rules and regulations given by the government which are given to you for your safety and wellness.

Also, you need to remind yourself and your family to take all the protective measures and be very much specific about washing their hands, avoiding surfaces which are frequently touched and maintain social distancing.

You can also tell your kids to sing ‘baby shark’ while washing their hands as with this they’ll know that they have to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

So these are the guidelines that we would like to give you so that you keep yourselves safe and healthy while travelling. Please try and follow them as we care for you like you’re our own!

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Come have fun in your entire journey with us, grab that window seat, and how can you forget to pick up those little trinkets of nostalgia wherever you go! Add them to your basket in abundance!

Happy Traveling!

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