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Plan Your Next Friend’s Trip With Shrinath Solitaires

Travelling with friends is like having the time of life. Friends can make your life on the road easier, funnier, and not to forget the small arguments that we love to have with them! They make you forget everything, even the sad evenings that you have stored at the back of your mind. And it happens!

delhi to udaipur bus

It happens, once you are travelling in the back of the car, and you suddenly stop because one of them has to take the Instagram Photos. It happens that you don’t know how drunk you are and you land up in a place that was unexplored. You try to remember what happened, but cannot piece together and you all are laughing together for the wrong turn you made and the extra glass of wine that you gulped down which made you land in a problem with a local person.

And all of it is experienced with friends. Here, at Shrinath Solitaire, our customer - Nayan had a great experience travelling with his friends. Look at it now -

“I am a resident of Delhi, and we finally planned a trip to Rajasthan! After a lot of discussion over WhatsApp group ‘Ab Toh Trip Chal Lo Yaar’, we came to a conclusion that we will visit Rajasthan, especially Udaipur, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. Searching online for Delhi to Udaipur bus, we found Shrinath Solitaire, and they provided us with a good 7 seater car. Being super-excited, we started our journey. As we embarked on a road trip, we all were quite excited! I mean, we finally made it. Everyone was taking pictures; we were singing songs, dancing, drinking and having fun. Our first stop was Jodhpur, we spent two days there, and one of my travel enthusiast friends made a list of things that we had (even though we didn’t want to) to do! So, we decided okay let’s do it because YOU KNOW YOLO!


Our driver from Shrinath Solitaire was really very cooperative, he took us from lanes to lanes and even gave us some insight into the place with his travel experiences. We went to see the Mehrangarh fort from where we witnessed a sea of boxy indigo houses stretching for more than 10 Kilometers along the historic wall. We, a group of 6 fun friends, sat there and remembered all the childhood memories. It was time I wish I could stop.

Going back to the car, we witnessed the colourful apparels and bright red-pink and blue-ish umbrellas. It was all beautiful, and we clicked a lot of pictures. We also explored some of the very beautiful, heart-seizing places like - TOONWAR JI KA JHALRA, UMAID BHAWAN, JASWANT THADA, and many small step-wells that got us closer to the ethnicity and history of the town.

The next stop was Jaipur.

Jaipur, Yeaahhhh! Can you see the excitement? While we were all comfortable and relaxed talking and embarrassing each other in the Shrinath Solitaire’s car service, and stopping over various spots for taking selfies or a chai-break, we reached Jaipur - The pink city. We looked over the grand palaces, Havelis, and mighty hills. We also were lucky enough to explore the ethnicity of the pink city with - Watching a potter at work (making pots too!), having a camel ride amid the busy streets, watching the cultural show at Chowki Dhani, Jantar Mantar, Amer Fort, and the HAWA MAHAL.

Loved every ounce of it.

We stayed at a hotel next to Hawa Mahal, and if you are ever visiting Jaipur, please have lunch or dinner or breakfast at the cafes just in the opposite lane of Hawa mahal!

With a fight among the friends of who should order what at the Dhaba, we were all set for our next destination - UDAIPUR.

The city is magical! Trust me; it is more beautiful than what is shown in the movies. Sitting at Fatehsagar, Ghanghor Ghat, and watching the old city's archaic lanes, we all had a thought that everything is so beautiful when left untouched.

Heading back to Delhi, I realized nothing develops a deeper bond than travelling together and making lifelong memories. And, it is all crazy, fun, and you tackle every stressful situation so calmly.


And, thanking Shrinath Solitaire to make it easy and smooth with their amazing bus and travel services.”

This was the review from Mr Nayan. And, we Shrinath Solitaire really loved their travel story! Are you planning a getaway with friends? Then, you can look upto Shrinath Solitaire.

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