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Introduce Yourself to the Outstation Travel Taxi by Shrinath Solitaire

Travel is the best, but to travel with your loved ones by your side is DIVINE!

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to travel a lot? Yes? But this COVID-19 situation has restricted you to stay back at home? You are concerned about the senior citizen at your home, and also the kids?

Well, introduce yourself to the best outstation travel taxi by Shrinath Solitaire. For those who love to travel or a vacation with their family or friends, we offer premium service to satiate all your requirements.


Well, look at the facilities we provide under the outstation travel taxi -

1. COVID-19 Norms Followed:

Yes, the first thing that we know you are concerned about is catching corona! Leave the worries to rest, we have got it all covered. We ensure that no matter what, your comfort and your safety is our priority, and so we follow the rules, including -

  • ● AROGYA SETU application is installed to the driver who will be assigned to you.
  • ● The driver is tested for Coronavirus before the travel! No risk is taken, only if he tests negative, the driver will be allotted to you.
  • ● The entire cab is sanitized before travel.
  • ● Also, the driver wears the mask all the time.

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2. Convenience Ahead:

With us, you will find the convenience at its best. You will have the power in your hand! Shrinath Solitaire’s outstation travel taxi asks you at which time it will be best to pick you and your family from your home. And, also, you can have as many stops as you want. Our driver will be on time and will make you reach the destination on time.

3. Clean and Hygienic:

The entire cab is cleaned before and after the trip to give you the best comfort and cleanliness. The seats are well-vacuumed and the entire car is washed so that no dirt adheres to your clothing or your luggage. Sanitization is also done to ensure you catch memories not coronavirus.

4. Luggage Stored Well:

The luggage is arranged by the driver properly at the back of the car. This ensures that your luggage is not harmed.

5. Experienced Drivers:

Our drivers are skilled and professional with about 5+ years of driving experience so you can be all clear and leave all your worries aside. The driver will drive efficiently and no harm will be ever done.

6. Variable Car Options:

From small cars to long cars with high seating capacity, or good boot space, we have all the cars in store for your selection. If you are a family of 4, then go for a small car, or if you are a family of 8, then you can choose a car accordingly.

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These are the features that you can avail under the Shrinath Solitaire’s outstation travel taxi. From vacation with family to professional trips, our taxis are at your service 24*7. Call us and book your trip with us.

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