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Take a mini-vacation to these places with Shrinath Travels.

Travel has started again, and there seems to be a sun shining after a long night. To make your life smoother, Shrinath Solitaire has always been at the edge of top-class services. The services have got started at the most popular routes so that the economy and daily lives kickstart again with a fresh touch.

This blog is here to tell you about all the new routes on which you can travel and get rejuvenated. Not only this, get to know about how the comforts of Shrinath Solitaire can give you a refreshing holiday and trip experience.

Ahmedabad to Delhi

This route can set you up to travel the world. Connecting 2 biggest and the most important airports in India, this route can give you the connectivity you need to complete all the big tasks of your work life. Want to go abroad for the big business trip pending from long? This route will be perfect! The traveller does not have to stress whether the battery is going to die or not or if they will be able to operate the iPad, attend the con-call or be available for a zoom meeting – Your devices can always be charged and connected with the wi-fi with shrinath solitaire.

Ahmedabad to Udaipur

The travel restart calls for some rejuvenation, and there can be no better place for chilling than the city of Lakes. This route can give you the calm and peace your eyes and soul need. Constant sitting while travelling long distances can become uncomfortable mentally as well as physically. When you are travelling with Shrinah Solitaire, a short and one longer break is taken so you can stretch your body, fetch nibbles, use clean washrooms and enjoy the aesthetics of the highway. Moreover, you can be sure about safety against the Covid-19. The buses would only halt at places which would be wholly sanitized and safe.

Baroda to Shirdi

One thing which the pandemic has told us is that nothing can go beyond God’s will and nature. If you have been waiting for long to indulge in some spirituality and wanting to have a one-on-one convo with the almighty – Shirdi is the place which can be the perfect destination for you to travel. At this route, you can get the tranquillity you have wished for. Worried about the temperature changes which will happen on the way? - The temperature settings in Shrinath Travels buses are always adjusted, keeping it pleasant for you. The traveller doesn't have to sit covered with a stole all the time or sweat the entire journey during the summer season. The trip in the bus will stay comfortable and relaxing. Moreover, there’s a button above each seat with which the temperature can be regulated as per the desire.

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Ahmedabad to Ajmer

The name Ajmer is derived from the word “Ajay Meru”, which loosely translates to “invincible hill”. It’s a perfect reflection of Indian tradition, culture and diversity. The city of Ajmer has many historical monuments and places where you can indulge in fun and sightseeing. This route too can give you ample opportunities to relax and chill with its beauty. Sitting constantly for long hours on a long route like this can seem uncomfortable. The bus seats and leg space can contribute towards lessening the pain. In buses of Shrinath Travels in Ahmedabad, you won’t have this petty issue since you can adjust your seat as much as you want.

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With comfortable amenities like charging points, television, adjustable seats, packaged drinking water, GPS, reading light, and emergency exit; Shrinath Solitaire buses have become the best choice for holiday travel. With its superior acceleration, the luxury bus services cut short the travel time for the bus travellers. With the supremely hassle-free cancellation policies usable from the website, Shrinath Solitaire is one of the most popular bus service operators in India. Take a trip to the big states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Rajasthan. U.P, M.P. this Deepawali. The travel agency possesses an incredible fleet of buses offering more than 107 bus travel services at around 100 routes daily. The fleet incorporates Multi Axle Volvo AC Sleeper, Bharta Benz Ac Sleeper, Scania Ac Seater / Sleeper buses, AC Sleeper, Non AC Sleeper, AC Seater, and Non AC Seater.

We wish you a happy Diwali trip!

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