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How Are We Making Your Travel And Transport Convenient?

Lockdowns have made sure that we do not travel from here to there and this has brought along a lot of boredom for a lot of us. With relaxations in lockdown 2.0, some moments and travels have been allowed.

To make life a little enjoyable, people are opting custom travels so that they could chill around for a day or 2. The best part of custom tours is that they can be tailor-made as per the whims, wishes, and choices.

You can create a tour of a nearby city, organize a conference outside the boundaries of your town, hold a picnic, and much more. Your options are endless when you charter private bus rental with Shrinath travels. You can be sure about safety as our travel agency is abiding by all rules and precautions against Covid-19. All buses are thoroughly sanitized. Shrinath Solitaire’s head office has made sure that all passengers wear a mask once travels resume after government orders.

This blog will talk about how you Shrinath Solitaire is making your travel and transport convenient

It just takes a little planning, lots of excitement, and Shrinath Tours to have the best getaway after months of lockdown. So pull up your socks and board the ride!

The Seniors’ Trip

Comfort is the name of the game when senior citizens have to travel. Passengers will be retired, so take that into account when you make your bus selection. Shrinath Solitaire Volvo coaches are all equipped with comforts like temperature control, a strong window which does not let any dirt or germs enter the bus, Clear and loud televisions-board restrooms, and comfortable seats, frequent washroom stops, push back seats. Specify the amenities you want when you request a bus rental quote, and Shrinath will try to get it all.

Special Interest Groups

Catering to the needs of special interest groups brings adventure to our services as well. We get to explore something fresh. For instance, Udaipur has been known as the hub where a lot of Bollywood movies have been shot. Whether they’re Bollywood cinephiles or film school faculty, these people can wish to come to Udaipur to see around and know the locations of filming. Shrinath Solitaire bus can be perfect services to show the nearby places to such interest groups who want to explore the beauty surrounding the beautiful City of Lakes. Start by researching the must-sees or the interests which you wish to fulfill and keep conveyance worries at bay. Shrinath Solitaire will take care of it!

If you are the organizer, make sure you add a few surprises too, dazzling your guests with something unexpected.

Student Tours

Schools, universities, and coaching centers are shut but the online classes are still on. If friends want to rekindle the memories of school and college days or have something like a small picnic, Shrinath Solitaire is the safest and the best option to make them enjoy the most. Booking transportation for a college tour or field trip seems daunting in this scenario, but with us, you can be sure to stay safe. We maintain to make sure social distancing is maintained while on the bus and the students sit distant from each other.

With a little forethought, the right tools, and some expert organizers, you can book Shrinath Solitaire Volvo services for your trip in a simple and budget-friendly fashion. Our booking specialists will guide you through the booking process for transporting students, and particularly minors.

The flexibility of itinerary, route, and schedule that custom travel buses offer allows you to create a truly personal and ravishing experience for your group. Want to leave at 6 am? Sure. Want to take the scenic route? Of course. Want to stop at an incredibly specific attraction that you wanted to enjoy with your clan? Let’s do it with Shrinath Tours and Travels! Tell us about your booking specialists. We’ll help you set up your dream tour.

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