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Go Backpacking In India With Shrinath Solitaire!

Do you have an insatiable wanderlust? Do you believe in the idea that ‘There is nobody as compatible as solitude’! Then, it is time for ‘GET. SET. AND EXPLORE’. We, at Shrinath Solitaire, offering the best bus travel services, are here with the backpacking in India and how to make it happen!

Travelling on buses is a feeling in itself. The wind blowing through your hair, the sound of a local song, and the seamless horizon that you will love to gaze at for hours, bus travels are unique for a reason. And, the reason is ‘Simplicity at its best’.

It has got a lot to offer to those crazy backpackers who love to explore India just by bus travelling.

Let’s make it happen -

1. Explore the roads less taken -

India is a vast country, but the essence you as a backpacker, are searching for, is in the streets, is in the natural beauty that is hidden behind the chaos of a town vibe. There are innumerable places to see and even more things to be explored. While you travel by Volvo AC bus, you will have to get in contact with a locale person. He/she can be anyone who has already explored their city; it can be the person you homestay at.

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For instance, there are places that you can explore in UDAIPUR. You can reach Udaipur through our Volvo AC bus services that are uber comfortable for those tired backpacker’s feet (We know you can’t stop, so we won’t too!). Explore places like Pipliya Ji, bahubali hills, Ambrai ghat, and take a walk through the lanes of the old city to get in touch with the vibrant, heritage, golden feel of this city of lakes.

2. Travel safe and solo:

Solo travel or backpacking is amazing; you discover not only new places but also find yourself. Travelling through buses with the best comfort is the first thing that you should focus on. You can also opt for our outstation taxi services that can get you to the unexplored nooks of a busy city.

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While travelling solo, you must lookout for the things like -

  • - Bus services, these are the most important. See the routes, comfort, and also look at the services of the bus. Shrinath solitaire being the best travel service provider makes sure that your backpacking trip goes wonderful and super-smooth with facilities like free wi-fi, charging points (never run out of battery, as you have to use applications like MAPS on your phones to explore the places.), and most importantly clean buses.
  • - Talk to strangers that are friendly. Know them, know what they do after all backpacking is about knowing everything - culture, people, and ethnicity of a city.

3. Let yourself loose in the Indian culture:

The Indian culture is not in the big cities or is of the type that we are experiencing right now, it is different, it is pure, and moreover, it is beautiful and colourful. While you reach a city like Ahemdabad in your Volvo AC bus, you can go visit villages nearby and experience the real culture of India.

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4. Vlog it all:

There are people like you, looking for that ‘KICK’ to start their solo journey of backpacking, it is essential that you put up inspirations and vlogs for them. Start vlogging each and everything. It can include - cheap ways to travel, bus services that they should opt-in a particular city, cheap homestays, what local food/cuisine they should try, and the places that take them away from the hustles and bustles of life.

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Hope this guide turns on the charm in you! Leave the shackles of boredom behind, hop on an outstation taxi, or go wild travelling in buses. Explore options on our sites, if you are planning on a backpacking trip here. You get safe travel taxi service, Volvo AC bus services, and many more options.

Don’t let the wanderer in you rest, travel more, and travel safely with Shrinath Solitaire.

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