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Different Moods, Different Places- Give Travel a Chance!

We’re living in an era where we’ve 60 moods in 60 seconds and we surely need something to come out of this hysteria. Different people choose different ways of coming out of this. Some turn towards books, others seek solace in meditation while there are some who choose to travel.

We suggest travelling is one of the quickest ways to step on the rising waters of stress and havoc and move into a new horizon of hope and happiness.

We all go through different moods and here we are with something really exciting for you! We’re here to tell you that sometimes just booking a bus ticket is all you need to overcome a mood y0u can’t get off!

Okay, so here are the different moods and the different travel locations that we have come up with:

1. Mourning over something- Shirdi is your go-to place!

If you’re going through anything that is making your heart mourn, whether it is heartbreak or loss of your loved one or you’ve moved on from something you couldn’t, then, Shirdi is the place that will probably help in making you feel better. There is a sense of calmness and extreme divinity that you’ll feel when you sit there for a while in front of the epitome of peace.

And to make your travel easier Shrinath Solitaire is there to offer you the best bus service along with all the amenities that you would probably require.

2. Excited or happy about something- Udaipur is your go-to place!

If you’ve just graduated or you’re ‘just married’ or you need to celebrate one of the best days of your life, then there is no better place than Udaipur. Trust us, it is a feeling that you surely remember for life once you visit it.

It has exotic lakes, unforgettable scenarios and an enchanting vibe that will make you stay here for a little more than you planned. You can visit alone or with your friends or your loved ones as this place has something for all.

And, Shrinath Solitaire is there to take you to Udaipur, the day y0u decide to. Just book your tickets and get ready to take an experience of a lifetime.

3. Having anxiety- Delhi is calling you!

Mirza Ghalib once said, “I asked my soul what is Delhi? To which she replied, the world is the body and Delhi its life”. And this is the correct description of Delhi for sure!

If you’re feeling anxious or want to disappear for a while, then Delhi can help you in many ways undeniably.

The scrumptious food, street shopping, the magic of the metro, the Khan which is surely a market to remember, and the awe-inspiring Akshardham will take away all your worries.

So, forget everything, get up and add something exciting to your pocket for life. Trust us, you’ll always remember the first step you took to chuck all your stress.

And, without any doubt, Shrinath Solitaire is there to reach your destination safely without any hurdle.

We, at Shrinath Solitaire, offer to you the best services with a bus full of amenities and co-passengers that you would love to ride with. So, if you’re seeking one of the best bus transport services that ensure your comfort to the best, then book us right now!

Time to break the monotony of your day-to-day life with going on a vacay at your favourite place with Shrinath Solitaire.

Happy travelling!

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