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Movement Of E-Ticket Facility To Help The Travellers!

Shrinath Solitaire wishes to continue to focus on the safety of the travellers, the crew and society on the whole during COVID-19. We are continuously pondering on keeping the contamination chances at bay. We believe Online Reservation & Ticketing systems have always been a boon for the travellers. Still, in times of Coronavirus Pandemic, this definitely has helped the travel industry in a more remarkable way. It has acted as a catalyst to support the industry’s rebound to succeed in the world of travel post the pandemic.

This blog will talk about how online bus reservation is truly a comfort for the travels! Read on!

Keeps chances of contamination in the control

Paper tickets initiate the chances of spreading the disease by multiple times. Such tickets get touched by a number of hands at different levels and stages. Many operators have chipped away at going paperless over the last few years, such as in bus-side scanning. Going forward, operators will need to market an utterly contactless experience and then ensure it is executed on during the passenger’s journey. At Shrinath solitaire, we make sure that all the employees get tested time and again, and we take immense steps to check the temperature of all daily. Constant sanitization and heartbeat rate checks are practised. With online ticket booking, passengers can be more confident and comfortable in selecting a seat bus for travel.

Can reserve seats at point of time

Online portals are open 24/7 for reservation. This should be an incentive enough to motivate you towards booking seats online for a journey. You can book anytime from anywhere as per your wish. For Shrinath Solitaire, you can book tickets either from the website or RedBus.com.

No middle-man costs involved

When you book tickets through a travel agency, then you have to pay some additional amount as a commission fee, but if you book online, you get commission-free booking. When you book a ticket online, you give directly to the travel partner. Thankfully, when you book with shrinath Solitaire, in any case, there are no extra costs involved.

Good customer service

When you book tickets online, you can even choose the boarding and departure point. This is just one of the many facilities which you receive when booking through the internet. A lot of applications even give you a chat-bot facility through which you can ask any queries to them, and they will answer in the best possible ways.

Discount codes

Shrinath Solitaire offers a lot of festive offers time and again. To know the first about them, the website and online reservation portal – RedBus would be the ideal places. With such offers, the travel of quality will stay the same, but the affordable tickets will become more economical with discounts.

You can select your favourite seat

Want to watch TV while on the journey – choose the seat from where you get the best view, want to sleep peacefully in a corner – choose the corner seat, want to make sure your group of 5 people sits together – select seats accordingly. When you buy tickets at the spot – there are chances of not getting the seats of your wishes and fancies but with online – you can always be sure! You can choose the sitting arrangement and pay only what you should pay and nothing more.

The world is going online so that people can cut down on touch and transfer procedures. Coronavirus spread has been the most unusual times the world has witnessed, and additionally, the lockdowns changed every facet of our day to day life. Shrinath solitaire is strictly following the guidelines of social distancing and has even come up with smart and innovative ways to adapt to the changing world around.

With masked employees, masked co-passengers, sanitization and social distanced seating arrangements – Online bus ticket booking can be a catalyst to increase your safety levels. With Shrinath Solitaire, you can be sure about the fact that your well-being will always be a priority for us.

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