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Pack your Christmas excitement and escape

2020 Lockdowns made sure that we do not travel much and this brought along a lot of boredom for a lot of us. With relaxations in policies and Christmas weekend coming ahead, we can’t keep our excitement in curtains anymore. And why do we even have to do the same! Its time we make the most of the hour and get going somewhere exciting.

The night curfews anyhow will not let us party much, though the vacations can keep us safe and sane, especially when you have the assured safety form Shrinath Solitaire.

Today, this blog will talk about how can you channelize your Christmas excitement and get ready for the Christmas-New-Year getaway.

Book in advance

If you book your tickets with Shrinath Solitaire in advance for your plans, you would be able to retrieve our amazing offers and discounts. Moreover, even when you think about lodging, hotels too are offering saving opportunities with good Christmas deals. Make sure everything does not get fully booked and avail all the possibilities in perfect time.

If you are travelling abroad, book air travel as early as possible too to avoid price hikes.

Allow extra time for driving, especially on the weekend before Christmas, which is a peak time for road travel.

Take the taste of local

If you’re travelling for Christmas, join in with local celebrations whenever you can. For instance, if you are travelling from Delhi to Udaipur Volvo for Christmas, make sure you experience how City of Lakes looks in the late evenings of Christmas. Indulge in all the place has to offer with night lights, Christmas carols in local churches and rum cakes.

Research Christmas in your destination before you leave so you know what to expect, and what to bring with you.

Be your own Santa

As kids, Christmas was super exciting for all of us because we believed in Santas. It is never too late to have faith in miracles and who might know- you might just witness what you wish for in the Christmas miracle times.

Buy yourself some local stuff on the Christmas occasion and cherish life. On your way back home, you can even take goodies for friends, family and loved ones. If you are travelling with them, you can play Secret Santa with them on a long journey with Shrinath Solitaire Volvos.

Give instructions to the hotel or lodge you are staying in to have some decorations in your room so that you breathe the feels.

Dive into Christmas Market

Most of the places, like Vadodara, have dedicated markets for Christmas festival. There you get a lot of goodies like Santa masks, red outfits, reindeer headbands, Christmas trees, reindeer globes and what not. Travel to such places with Shrinath Solitaire and live the Christmas first hand with the unique kind of shopping.

Christmas markets are a wonderfully festive feature of many Indian cities in December. Christmas shopping feels like a delight rather than a chore in a beautiful open-air market – especially when there’s plenty of cakes and muffins.

Travel winter-proof

There would be no pint of planning a trip if the first thing you do after reaching your destination is falling sick. Travel with a winter-friendly and temperature control travel bus agency like Shrinath Solitaire. Shrinath Solitaire Volvos are full with features which bring utmost luxury and comfort at your disposal. These vehicles allow to set and control the temperature as per the preferences of passengers. The temperatures are set at the most comfortable and cosy numbers so that it nether stays cold nor too warm but perfectly pleasant for you to travel. This way, you can stay warm with more powerful heaters than what’s available in a standard automobile. We will make sure when you reach the holiday destination; your health is at its pink.

When you are travelling to Christmas, you got to show it to the world. There would be loads of lights, food, and the world would be painted red. To make sure that your holiday stays blissful, we would adhere to the precautions which need to be undertaken to keep people safe during the journey or commute. The bus staff will wear masks at all times and would only be assigned post thorough check-up. The buses will be completely sanitized and the staff as well as the co-passengers will only be allowed after complete health examination.

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