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Shrinath Travels has Paused Services for a Reason and You Should Pause too! | COVID-19 Pandemic

Let’s take a pledge - we’ll stay at home and stay safe! A lot has happened this year, and let’s not worsen the situation by walking out.

We, Shrinath travels Rajasthan, have stopped our services so that we can contribute too to the nation’s need right now! All we have to do is stay at home and let the government do the needful to bring the conditions under control!

The rapid societal changes and the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic has shocked everyone! No one knows how to handle this situation. We know and understand how tough is it to stay at home with nothing much to do, but we have to swear by the quarantine because -

“We have to be more HELPFUL than HARMFUL to society!”

Travelling might seem like a good way to get away from this nagging situation, but it’s an unnecessary risk! Though all the facilities are available on Shrinath travel buses, it seems that the coronavirus travels from one person to another with the least effort, which is, just coughing or just getting touched by someone!

Yes, we, Shrinath travels, Rajasthan and other branches at other states don’t want you to fall at high risk, especially the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.
How Shrinath Travel is staying safe?

We’ve gone offline with our services! No buses are available, they are all resting in the garage! Seeing the current scenarios, we are also taking up the following measures at our respective homes. Know about them

Maintaining good hand hygiene

There’s a reason everyone’s going gaga over how to wash hands! There are multiple videos explaining how you have to stay safe during this pandemic. And, washing hands is the best way to protect yourself from spreading diseases.

We at Shrinath travels are following the 20 seconds hand wash! There is no vaccine to prevent covid-19, so it is highly recommended that you wash your hands at least 20 seconds multiple times in a day, whenever required.

“Especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, after blowing the nose, coughing or sneezing!”

What measures are we taking to keep your future journey safe with us?

With these tough times, we’ve understood that your safety and your comfort is our responsibility as so we are already doing the following things

Dry Cleaned and Bed Sheets Blankets

Ensuring that you are comfortable during your future journey with us, Shrinath travels agency cleans all the bedsheets and wash them entirely so that no dirt adheres. If you suffer from any allergies, you are safe traveling with Shrinath travels.

Shrinath travel and transport agency was established with a vision of providing better bus services among the passengers and to serve them with great dedication, be it in terms of hygiene or in terms of comfort.

Comfortable journey

After all this, we know you would require high comfort and high hygiene, and knowing Shrinath Travels Agency has always been in limelight for providing the best services in terms of both! We clean our buses on a regular basis, change sheets and also vacuum the entire bus so there is no dust particle to brew up allergies!

Shrinath travel and transport agency contains the largest number of air-condition deluxe and super-deluxe buses which are known for comfort and hygiene.

Not only this, special measures will be taken like providing water bottles, sanitizing the entire buses and also give all the required facilities to make the journey of customers successful! Shrinath travels is staying safe and staying back home and getting ready with all the new facilities to be provided to our beloved customers.

Want to book tickets for your future travel, the shrinath website has all the options to make booking tickets online easy! Simply visit here and choose the seat of your choice.

Stay home, stay safe! The journey can be successful only if you are healthy!

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