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Top 5 Pros Of Travelling By A Bus

The new age has brought multiple modes of transport but one thing that still rules our heart is traveling by bus. In the time when reaching a place is just a matter of hours, the bus resonates as an old-school concept.

The Lazy Traveler's Guide to a Comfortable Bus journey

Whether you are a budget traveler or a lazy traveler, you know that the Volvo bus journey is the most memorable and effective way to travel around, especially in India.

6 Ways In Which Buses Have Advanced Over Time

If you are thinking that buses still are a mode of transport, then you are completely lacking the awareness of how this mode of transport has evolved over time.

Top Books to Read during Bus Journey

Travelling gives people an outlook into a world separate from their comfort zones. They go beyond normal, explore places and in the process explore themselves.

6 Life Lessons That Bus Journey Taught Us

Someone said it well, "life is a journey" and what one must focus on is the journey and not the destination. So is the travel that one does by bus. There are various aspects of a bus journey that make it amazing but one thing that bus travel does is imbibing virtues of life.

7 Times Bus Travel Satiated Our Urge To Travel

We all have had multiple times in our lives were going out of town, on journeys and trips saved us. Be it festivals or some special occasion, traveling has on several occasions saved our urge to travel.

5 Enticing Places in India you will Love to Take a Bus Journey

Shrinath travels have come up with the travel-worthy blog, that guides you with the places you can visit to admire, adore, and simply love the culture, nature, and vivid demography of India.

Top 5 places you can travel to during Lockdown

It is so difficult to write this blog up and narrow down my thoughts before you guys find me out and kill me for talking about traveling at this time. Bear with me guys! I am in my senses.

Say hello to the real Shrinath travel services with premium facilities!

Bus transportation has played a major role in Indians’ travel experience. As highways became more modern and well-constructed, the country suddenly became more accessible to all.

Shrinath Travels has Paused Services for a Reason and You Should Pause too! COVID-19 Pandemic

Let’s take a pledge - we’ll stay at home and stay safe! A lot has happened this year, and let’s not worsen the situation by walking out.

18th April

7 Movies That We Relate To When On Bus Journey

Someone has rightly said, time is money. This phrase is very applicable in practicality, as losing time costs us a lot. When you wait at a bus stand to buy your tickets, there may be a long queue, and standing there simply means wasting a lot of time.