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Best offline things to do on a bus journey!

Shrinath travel and transport agency has made sure that you get maximum comfort and entertainment while on the bus. This is the reason why we have screens in our Shrinath Travels Volvo buses. There can be times when you travel by some buses that do not have such screens or do not feel like indulging in electronics. In fact, there are still long stretches of rural (or remote) roads where there aren't cellular towers. Often, camps and schools restrict electronic use during events. A sedentary lifestyle has glued us to our mobile phones; hence, travel can be an opportunity where you want to keep aside these gadgets and take some time indulging in entertainment like summer vacations.

Today, this blog will talk about the activities you can do while on the bus while not involving electronics. Let's get started and see what lies in store.

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Since forever, reading has been the perfect prolonged bus ride activity. You can plan the book you had been waiting to read can be your companion in the upcoming journey. You can bring a couple of different books — that way, you will have something to read no matter what the mood. It's always special to sit to the window, head tucked into a book. Plus, a book can be a great conversation starter with your fellow passengers!


Have you always wanted to take a good long nap but are still occupied? The journey on Shrinath Travels can give you that opportunity. There's something about the lull of a long bus ride that makes it so perfect for falling asleep. If you are in the mood to carry out this plan, get a resting pillow along to ensure you have the best nap ever on the bus. You can get rejuvenated for the stay you're en route to so that you arrive refreshed.


There is something about the roads and the surrounding greenery which invokes the romantic in all of us. There is something so mysterious about the streets that we all become a storyteller while on a journey. There are so many things to write about when you're on a long bus ride! Consider carrying a notepad and a pen to make sure to take notes of all the thoughts coming in your head. Don't you know J.K.Rowlings started writing Harry Potter while she was on a journey?

Word Searches/Crosswords/Puzzle Books

Do you remember when these used to be sold in the buses at all midways and stops? Even as kids, we used to make sure that we buy such comics with puzzles or word games just before we board the bus from the bus stations! Well, it would be great to rekindle those old days again. If you're travelling with a group, consider investing in one book and photocopying your participants' activities.

Knit or Crochet

Have you ever wanted to try your hands on some unusual craft but were short on time? Maybe you should do it while on the long bus journey. Knitting or crocheting can keep your hands busy while you enjoy conversation during your long bus ride. Whether you use a hook, knitting needles, or pick another textile craft, like cross-stitch, this is sure to keep you occupied.

So next time you want to give some peace to mind and eyes in the absence of cell phone and other electronic gadgets, you know what all choices you have. Moreover, if you are travelling to a place where the network would be an issue or the bus services does not have charging sockets, unlike our luxury bus travel agency, indulge in one of these activities.

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