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Adventurous is the new beautiful - Women’s day special!

She is the woman that you will call for adventure, and she will come along!

Yes, she is free, brave, and confident!

Saluting all the women who love to be themselves. Those who are not fearful of travelling around the world or embarking on their career journey without fearing anything. It is remarkable how everything has changed, and now behind every profitable business, we witness women be the leaders.

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Women’s today are go-getters, liberated and motivated! Plus, they are exploring themselves more and more every day. Today, on the occasion of Women’s day, Shrinath Solitaire is here with something - ADVENTURE IS THE NEW PRETTY!

Yes, take time off from your busy schedule and commence a journey that you have always shifted because of a lot of lady-duty you have to do in the home and at the office.

It is time for you to answer all the raised eyebrows and criticism by travelling solo.

This Women’s day, we urge every woman to travel, and we could be your safe partner! With all the Volvo AC bus facilities, you won’t feel the pangs of loneliness and being unsafe.

Here are some excellent reasons that you should do this.

1. A much-deserved break from everything:

The thoughts that keep you up all night, or the monotonous lifestyle you are following; it is your time to take a break from everything. A well-deserved, most-awaited break. Catch a Volvo AC bus to Delhi for clubbing or take a bus to Jaipur to explore ethnicity, and get back the work-life balance again.

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You can spend your weekends exploring the historical beauties, relax in the lap of nature, or participate in adventurous activities like - trekking, river rafting, camping, and many more.

2. It is time for you to spoil yourself:

Break the shackles, break free! It is your time to break all the stereotypes that are associated with ‘women travelling alone’. Women should go on a solo adventure at least once in their life to experience and explore the horizons, to know how it is all done, to know the essence of life. It will boost your confidence and give you a bright chance to indulge in solitude.

Solo journeys make you fall in love with yourself because on the trip, you will just have yourself.

3. It helps you to come out of your shell:

Women are often told to be calm and be inside the home where it is all safe, and this creates a safe bubble around them. But it is your time to pop and break the comfort shell around you to experience the bravery that you have got.

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This women’s day embark on the adventures that await you, and get rid of the fear that is always associated with ‘women travelling solo’.

Come out of your shell and make a plan with SHRINATH SOLITAIRE. We will make sure you are safe during your entire journey with us.

Be strong, be beautiful, be just the way you are!

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