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A success story with Shrinath Solitaire’s Transport Service!

Our transport services have helped many people to transport bulk orders, small packages, and everything to the destination. But, some stories are close to heart, as they are real and involve a lot of courage to take a big step. And, one such story is of Jayant Maheshwari from Jamnagar.

Here is his story -

“He owned a small shop of textiles in Jamnagar and was okay with the local sales. But, the business did not spread as much as we aspired for it too. His son always knew that if they didn't step outside Jamnagar and spread the business, they would not get close to their goal. So, he insisted on expanding the business.

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We looked out for many transport services but didn’t find anyone that was trustworthy. After searching a lot, we got acquainted with the Shrinath Solitaire Transport Service. They helped us a lot in transporting our textile products on-time and at less cost. Today, we sell our textiles all over India.”

Jayant had a pleasant experience with us, and if you are looking for the same, here it is - get acquainted with our transport services.

1. The third day guaranteed delivery:

With our transport and logistics service, you get a guarantee that your packages will be transported to the destination within three days. And, if it does not, some amount of the total will be refunded back to you. With our transport services, your package will reach on time and that too safely.

2. Cost-effective:

It does not cost a fortune, and the standard of delivery is super-high. So, you get everything good at a low cost. We take extra measures to ensure that none of the packages is harmed during transportation. Everything is packed in the truck properly.

3. GPS tracking:

You might worry about the pack until it reaches the destination, but you will not experience any of such issues with us. We provide GPS tracking. Yes, you can check the live location of your package through your mobile phone.

4. Quick and scheduled delivery:

With Shrinath Solitaire’s transport services, you get promised on-time delivery. As already mentioned above, we follow the third-day delivery guarantee; we know that the parcels have to be delivered on-time to ensure that you are not worried and don’t face the anger of your client. We give you an estimated deadline and deliver it before that. No matter whether it is Vadodara or Ahmedabad, we will deliver it on-time.

5. Different sizes and payload options:

With transport and cargo services of the best bus service in Rajasthan, you have another benefit of saving the cost of packing. If you send it with us, you will be charged only as per the shipment’s weight. There are various sizes and payload options that you can choose from.

If you are looking for trust-worthy transport services, you can get to us!

Whether you want to book tickets for your future travel or send a package to your dear ones, or you want your commercial products to be delivered by Cargo services, we have the best bus services in India to satiate your requirements.

Shrinath Solitaire website has all the options to make booking tickets online easy! Simply visit online and choose the seat of your choice. And, for cargo services, kindly contact us on the given number.

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