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A Journey of Bus Travel Transformation

“Evolution is what drives us, evolution is what brings out the best in us, and this is why a transformation in Bus Travel has got a massive effect on the set standards of bus travel!”

The Scenario Then -In the best bus service in Rajasthan or the best Volvo AC bus, i.e., Shrinath Solitaire, the buses were following standard things, which includes, clean seats, superb service, and added features for entertainment.

The Scenario Now -The same Shrinath bus service in Rajasthan and all of our Volvo AC buses are now -

1. Uber Clean:

With the COVID-19 situations in India, we have been more than ever careful with the cleaning process. Proper cleaning routines are carried out before and after each travel. The process of cleaning involves -

  • Dusting: We properly vacuum each and every seat and also clean the passage leaving no traces of dirt, dust, and left-overs.
  • Changing the Seat Covers and also the Curtains: We change the curtains and put up the new ones. Plus, we change the seat covers. Everything is washed after a route is complete.
  • Vehicle Disinfecting: Sanitization is sprayed on doors, windows, and at every possible corner in the entire Volvo AC bus.

2. Uber-Safe:

Cleaning is not the only thing that has been updated. We have transformed, the Volvo AC Bus travels with transformed and updated safety standards. Shrinath Solitaire’s safety standards include -

  • Vehicle Disinfecting: Shrinath Solitaire is accomplishing top-notch sanitization.
  • Safety Checklist: A safety checklist is given to each and every driver and team member to carry out safe travel. The drivers and the people in the AC bus service are given a checklist that they have to follow for a promising, safe journey to the passengers.
  • Contact-Less Booking: We encourage more online bus ticket booking.
  • Drivers also follow safety: Each driver follows safety requirements, which includes, washing their hands before getting in the bus, wearing a mask always, and also opening windows for ventilation.
  • Mandatory mask rule: Each and every passenger as well as the workforce of Shrinath Solitaire are asked to wear masks always.
  • Traveller utility kit: Each passenger is given a utility kit that includes everything for their comfort and hygiene purpose.
  • Loyalty program: Shrinath Solitaire, being the best bus service in Rajasthan gives a refund policy, which means, that if the passenger doesn’t reach the location by the given time, the refund is made. We promise quality experience with Volvo AC bus travels.
  • Hygienic Restroom Stops: Traveling in these times is scary, and using a restroom that has bad hygiene is what makes everyone more scared of the situation. We, at Shrinath Solitaire, make stops at a good place, keeping your hygiene in sight.

3. Comfort is Not Affected:

Amid all the safety measures, we make sure that comfort is not affected at any cost. The service includes -

  • Clean seats
  • Personal television for full-time entertainment.
  • GPS tracking to know the timing and route better.
  • Water bottles to each passenger.
  • The passenger reaches his/her destination on-time!
  • Personal shoe rack.
  • Good luggage arrangement so that no luggage is burdened with other disrupting the material or goods inside.

“Don’t be scared to travel, we are here to serve you the best! The scenario has changed, the safety standards have upgraded more than ever!” Book your next trip with us.

Want to book tickets for your future travel, the Shrinath Solitaire website has all the options to make booking tickets online smooth! Simply visit here and choose the seat of your choice.

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