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7 Times Bus Travel Satiated Our Urge To Travel

We all have had multiple times in our lives were going out of town, on journeys and trips saved us. Be it festivals or some special occasion, traveling has on several occasions saved our urge to travel.

Travelling might be a compulsion for many but is a soul saver and passion for many others. While there are multiple modes of transport, we have come across many who have loved traveling by bus. Life is a journey and not destination and while we are traveling, the best way is a pocket-friendly, comfortable mode of transport that gives us ample time to enjoy the entire journey.

We at Shrinath Solitare make sure that our travelers enjoy the journey. With this thought, we have come with super amazing blogs that you all will relate to. We will make sure that our blogs cover all your doubts and give you the feel of a luxury bus journey.

● After XII Results

Remember, the iconic dialogue “After XII we will go to Goa”? We all remember our school days with utmost love and the memories are there to stay. Those were also the time when most of us relied upon our parents for money. Trips are always an expensive affair and during that time, we tried to cut our costs without compromising on comfort. Bus as a public mode of transport came as a savior at this time. We could travel for long distances with the least costs. You might also have numerous memories of traveling after your XII as the school was finally over and you were “grown-up” then.

● Family Outing

We in our country believe in going out with family. We cherish the time spent with them, memories made, and have our all-time best trips with our family. During the time when the number of members increased, everyone always had one opinion- traveling by bus.

On a bus, you could be seated together, connected, and could enjoy gala time with your family. Every time you talk about family trips, the bus will be the most favorite option for all. You had most comfortable seating, could travel by your own time and the bus even entered areas where other public modes could not.

● Peace Time Alone

We all had time in our life where we wished to go somewhere far to have calm time alone. It could be a destination to explore, or just to chill. During that time, we just wished for a transport that could take us to our desired location ASAP. Buses came as a blessing in disguise as we could check out the different buses, time, and locations.

If you wish to read about how the buses are better than any other mode, you can check it out here.

Also, if you are thinking about different locations where you could go by bus, check out the blog!

● Before Leaving Town

The world outside is a big place to learn and explore. We all have once in our lives thought of going to a new town to study or work. In those times, we all wished for an outing (be it alone or with loved ones). Before a big leap, having pleasant memories always helps and during that time, it was more about a happy time with self and journey that made you feel great. Buses, at those times, have fulfilled our urge to travel.

● Graduation

College is a very special place for everyone. We fall in love, make friends, and memories that last for a lifetime. Graduation marks the end of the fun and chill life and sets us forth towards the struggle of life. It also means one more thing- going on a trip with friends. We choose the transport that’s a pocket-friendly, comfortable, and go-to option.

Haven’t we all made our graduation trips on the bus? Chilling, singing songs and having the best times of our lives.

● Diwali Holidays

Diwali in India means leaves for some days and leaves mean Holidaayyyy! While you might travel from another mode of transport if you wish to travel inter and intra-states, you will have to take a bus. Be it a mini-bus that takes almost 8-10 people.

Buses have been one of the preferred modes of transport during these traveling-urge time cycle.

● Religious Trips

We belong to a land of multiple religions and places of worship. Generally, when we go on a trip to a place of god, which is with our close family which consists of all ages of people. The mode of transport must be such that could easily enter the city, have multiple stops. Buses have acted as the best mode of transport during these times providing a comfortable journey to you and your loved ones.


Buses have been a traditional mode of transport but have always acted as a savior in times of need and urgency. They have not only saved our travel moods but also have given every one of us the best times of the journey. From meeting different kinds of people to having time for building bonds, buses are not just a mode of transport. They are our travel urge savers!

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