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Top 6 Ways To Be A Prepared Traveller In Times Of COVID

No matter what happens in our lives, there can be a pause but no stop. The world had been at a halt at the beginning of 2020, but now, people can’t take it anymore. Let’s look at the sun rising at the horizon and start to function at a normal pace. However, with strict safety measures, It is our responsibility as wise citizens to not just think about ourselves but of the whole planet.

Coronavirus had begun in China, and within no time it had travelled the whole world. If we had taken cautious measures of the travelling guidelines previously, the scenario of the universe would have been different today. Well, well.... It's never too late to do things correctly. Today, this blog will talk about how you can travel, do your pending work which depends on tours, go back to half-done projects or simply quench your wander thirst while being healthy. Let’s waste no more time and talk about top ways to be a prepared traveller in times of Covid.

Please abide by the laws of the government.

Government is the body responsible for the smooth functioning of the society, and which is why time and again it indulges in a lot of research. Whatever rules and regulation it puts down, there are a lot of logical reasons behind the same. Make sure you do not take the same lightly and travel while following the path mentioned by these authorities. If the place you are travelling to or travelling form has mentioned rules for quarantine and corona tests, do not take them lightly.

Take Covid tests less than a week before you travel.

Primarily, without the test, you cannot be sure that you are virus-free. Chances can be that a person has no symptoms and still be an asymptomatic career, and this could prove fatal for others around. Make sure that you avoid going to parties and gatherings at least a week before you have to travel. Moreover, get yourself tested at least 4 days before you have to leave so that in case the results come late, you still have ample time at hand to get the report.

The tests are mostly free in India and hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to get it done, ensure that you take advantage of these facts and get yourself tested before setting on any journey.

Wear a Mask

Government, doctors as well as researchers are starting again and again that masks are the “precautions” we have as of now. Till the world does not get the vaccine, masks can work wonders to keep the spread of Covid-19 at bay. Your pictures might all look the same as before, with masks giving a new touch to it. Even if you feel suffocated in covers, remember that without the same you might lose your breath. There is no issue in having some fun, just take care that the safety gear is on meanwhile.

Be Mindful of What You Touch

While travelling, you have to touch a lot of things obviously. It would be best if you wear disposable gloves. If not, make sure to sanitize your hands or wash them with soap and water each time you use common property. ATMs, check-in machines, escalators, window panels, resting handles, doors could be some of the most common ones. Shrinath Solitaire keeps it a rule to sanitise these touchpoints, again and again, to keep the travellers, employees and all-around safe and secure.

Practice social distancing

As our caller tune says, we do not have to fight the diseased but of the disease. Make sure you keep hugs, handshakes and cuddles in the corner for a while. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

Quarantine after travel

Once you are back from the travel, ensure to stay in your room or personal space as much as possible. Do this for at least 7 days and monitor if your body is showing any kind of Covid symptom. Keep track of your oxygen level and increase the intake of citrus foods. Get yourself tested again after these 7 days pass, even when you are feeling absolutely fine.

In a post-COVID-19 scenario, it is crucial to stay informed and take adequate measures to stay safe and avoid catching the virus.

We suggest you travel only with established bus transport services who understand the precautions which need to be undertaken to keep people safe during the journey or commute. Shrinath solitaire bus staff will wear masks at all times and would only be assigned post thorough check-up.

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