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6 Ways In Which Buses Have Advanced Over Time

If you are thinking that buses still are a mode of transport, then you are completely lacking the awareness of how this mode of transport has evolved over time.

Buses have been a preferred mode of transport as we told you about in our last blog. While the other modes of transport have been catering to many people, travel by bus too has a huge set of people.

Bus transport services like Shrinath Solitaire aka we, have been understanding the customer needs and have evolved our services according to it.

In earlier times, buses were just a transport mechanism through which you could travel from one place to another. Remember Suryavansham, and how Amitabh Bachhan used buses to facilitate travel for people.

But, do you think the same kind of buses would work now? No. As people are becoming more aware of how they can make their journey comfortable, every bus transport service provider also is making changes in their services offered.

Want to know the changes between the traditional buses and modern buses? Read along!

Travelling By Bus Has Evolved

1. Embracing Technology

With the advancement in time, every business needs to adapt to it. In the same way, bus service providers have also started moving towards the inclusion of technology in their buses. Like in Shrinath, you get wifi access, a TV screen, and also an all-time location through GPS facilities all installed on the bus.

2. Shift In Mindset From Transport To Travelling

If you are still thinking that buses are just about transporting a person from one place to another, you are in the wrong world. The bus service providers with extraordinary services have made a shift in customers’ minds. People now consider buses as a mode of travelling as with all the experience that a bus service operator provides, travelling by bus is a joyous ride.

3. Amenities Have Gained Importance

The bus service providers are now focused on providing ample amenities to people to make their journey comfortable. Like we at Shrinath Solitaire provide every traveller with a water bottle, blanket, cushion, sanitized seats/sleeper coaches, etc.

Every bus now provides certain facilities to its travelers to make their journey comfortable.

4. Innovation Is At Core

In the industry that is a core service provider, innovation remains at the core of redefining the services. The bus service providers are also keeping innovation in the services and products linked to services at core.

Adapting to new technology has helped bus service providers grow by innovating their offerings, marketing, and customer journey.

5. Booking Bus Ticket Made Easy

In older times, people had to go to the office of the bus and book their tickets. Booking tickets for the journey was a tedious process and involved a lot of work. One would go office to office and waste a lot of time.

Cut to the current time, now one can easily book tickets. You do not have to go to different offices and instead, by engaging with technology, buses can be booked online too. You have the liberty to check the time, the bus service operator, and also your seat.

We at shrinath Solitaire have made booking online tickets easier by listing our services on Redbus.

6. Increased Emphasis On Customer Experience

As we explained above, now the bus services go beyond just transportation and instead focus on proving innovative solutions to provide an exceptional experience to travelers. It includes both in-bus experience and feedbacks to ensure that everything was right at the place.

We at Shrinath are constantly striving to provide enhanced customer experience by constantly getting our services evaluated.


While comparing traditional with new, one can easily understand how impactful technology is for any business. Travelling by bus is an experience in itself and every business service operator is focusing on giving an amazing journey to its customers.

Shrinath Solitare is also focusing on providing the best services to its customers and if you are looking for a luxury bus, we are the right choice.

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