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6 Life Lessons That Bus Journey Taught Us

Someone said it well, “life is a journey” and what one must focus on is the journey and not the destination. So is the travel that one does by bus. There are various aspects of a bus journey that make it amazing but one thing that bus travel does is imbibing virtues of life.

We all have learned various good values in our school life and we learn their implications when we see its practical applications! Today, we are here to share the virtues that bus travel has taught us!

Virtues Of Life And Bus Journey

1. Patience

Be it waiting in long queues or booking a ticket, it takes a toll on the patience of many. While some have the ability to keep their calm, many even get irritated. We all have come across people who go to the driver again and again and ask them for the next stop or the next dropping point. They are perplexed and keep questioning fellow passengers about the city, stops, and dropping points. Be it a luxury bus or a Volvo bus, travelling truly tests our inner ability to at rest.

Travelling by bus is a very easy-peasy way to learn it. You might be impatient in your first bus journey but gradually, you all learn that things will take their time and everything will be all right.

2. Cherishing Small Moments

We have all heard our elders saying live life and enjoy every moment. Never have we actually understood which small moments make our life worthwhile. A bus journey is all about a small chamber to sit/sleep, a long journey to reach our destination, a small window to gaze out and witness nature and some other things like lights and charging points like we do at Shrinath to make your travel easy.

If you travel from Udaipur to Ahmedabad, it roughly takes around 5 hours but if you take long routes, it can also take two days! In this time, we learn to live in the small amenities and cherish everything. We find out ways to enjoy the travel time by finding solace in reading novels or listening to music!

We learn that small things too help us cherish life!

P.S We have a blog for you if you want to find which novels you can read!

3. Adjustment

We talked about the type of people you can meet on a bus journey in our previous blog. This can be something that you learn out of the mix of people you experience. You learn how to stay calm, how to stay put in your senses, and also learn that everyone is a unique personality.

We all adjust the way we live in the world of traveling. You talk to people who you don’t like and yet, make your journey worthwhile: just how we are supposed to lead our life!

4. Safety Is Must

While we decide the bus on which we will travel for some time, we make sure that it has all the amenities to make your journey comfortable. We also make sure the Volvo buses in Rajasthan at the vehicle is equipped with all safety equipment’s so that our travel is comfortable and safe.

We have heard it from our parents telling us about making sure that every step we take has safety as our prime concern and travelling by bus is a way where unknowingly we practice it. In the world where uncertainty rules, travelling teaches us that nothing is worth our life!

5. Responsibility

Haven’t we all heard it from our parents? The importance of being responsible and its ripple effects on our life. While we are all trying to find the direction of our life and are in-process of becoming responsible as per our parent’s scale, there is one thing that is on right track- our decisions concerning bus travel.

We might make mistakes but the next time, we make more informed choices. We make sure that everything starting from the route to time is correct and we take it on our shoulders.

Don’t worry, gradually we will all figure out life! Unstill then, let’s learn these aspects from our beloved bus journeys!

6. Confidence

When travelling, you make sure that everything is set right. From booking bus online to getting down at a right place to making sure that our hand luggage is safe, we all pull up our socks and keep it up to date.

Being responsible for your action leads to inner confidence. A person that resides in all of us says “you got that right”!

Travelling truly boosts our confidence and builds us as a tough person!


Travelling by bus is an exhilarating, thrilling and one of its kind experience. While we talked about a few lessons that the bus journey taught us, we would love to hear yours! We will wait for experiences from your end in the comment box!

We at Shrinath Solitare make sure that our passengers travel safely and reach their destination without any hassle. We provide luxury buses and Volvo buses in Rajasthan and various parts of India.

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