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5 Enticing Places in India you will Love to Take a Bus Journey

Precap - Shrinath travels have come up with the travel-worthy blog, that guides you with the places you can visit to admire, adore, and simply love the culture, nature, and vivid demography of India.

Like, everyone, we ask ourselves the same question every time when we are about to step out for a journey - Should we take the bus or go by train?

A question that is a quagmire, but you know what, it is beautiful either way. While train journeys are more confined to the already made tracks, buses take a U-turn to the amazing experiences of a road journey. Stoppages, fresh air, infinite roads, nature just passing by, and the unparalleled excitement of experiencing the essence of each of the city that passes by, bus journeys are memorable and fun.

There is nothing compare to the thrill of being on a bus while taking those steep turns and traveling through the open roads. With the bus ticket booking being online, and also we being the best luxury bus services in India , you can visit any place you love with the bus services that are comfortable, and super-relaxing.

Mark this - Only the bus journey will give you the desired thrill in your life! It will quench the thirst of wandering without worries. And, trust us, people tend to travel more by buses because it makes everything memorable!

After a lot of research, we have come up with the top 5 places in India that you will love to take a bus journey to post lockdown!

1. Gokarna

Gokarna is now the most bustling and wanted tourist destination! People have it on their list and wish to travel to experience the symphony of real Indian culture in the lap of nature. The town is home to a Shiva temple and is an important pilgrimage center. How can you go there safely? You can visit it with the best bus services in India.

You can take Shrinath travels from anywhere in Rajasthan or anywhere to Bangalore or Mumbai and directly take a bus to Gokarna. You will experience the vividness and the amazing thrill of traveling alone and exploring the peak of adventure. There are beaches, temples, and many more things to explore in beautiful Gokarna.

2. Jaisalmer

Sandcastles, history, beautiful landscape, camel safari, desert safari, and what not! This place is filled with amazing mansions and heritage that are worth a visit. So, if you are planning to visit Jaisalmer, the best way you can enjoy the entire journey from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is by bus.

You can get there by Jaipur or Jodhpur. Shrinath travels provide the luxury bus services from Udaipur to Jaipur. You can easily get to Jaisalmer while experiencing the wild winds of Rajasthan, and the cultural wave that passes by. The most popular landmark in Jaisalmer is Sonar Kila or Golden fort.

3. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a place filled with French colonial architecture, quaint cafes, and beautiful beaches. It is brightly colored and has a picturesque background for all your selfie pictures. The bus journey to Pondicherry is as interesting as the town itself, that is, it is breathtakingly beautiful, has glimpses of the sea, and the beautiful architecture that is nowhere to be found.

You can travel to Jaipur or Bangalore and then travel straight to Pondicherry all via bus! Shrinath travels make it easier, and comfortable for you to travel as well as by the best online bus booking services in India.

4. Udaipur

Also known as the white city, or lake city, or city of lakes, Udaipur is breathtakingly beautiful. Covered with the mighty Aravali ranges all around, Udaipur is a mixture of everything. The beautiful landscape, the scintillating lakes, the royal architecture, and the luxurious royal mansions, everything is worth a visit.

Whether you are coming from Mumbai, Ajmer, or Jaipur, Shrinath travels offers the best bus journey to you to visit this amazingly crafted, and well-designed city of lakes - Udaipur.

5. Mahabaleshwar

A bus journey to the green hills of the Western Ghats - Mahabaleshwar, is the best trip you can ever have. The twists and turns of the roads, the amazing view of valleys, and the beautiful greenery, with stops to buy fresh strawberries, this place will soothe your heart and calm your mind.

Mahabaleshwar is about six hours by bus from Mumbai! And, Shrinath travels provide the best bus services to Mumbai, and you can visit Mahabaleshwar in less than 6 hours!

Well, these pictures have given us a travel rush, and we hope it did it to you too! Inspired to travel by road to the nooks and corners of India! Bus journeys are special and very dear to everyone, as it gives them the experience no other transport can.

If you are all set to start the journey it is time to switch to Shrinath travels for online booking services. We have luxury buses to give you a comfortable bus journey experience.

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