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5 Beautiful Places We Can Take You to in Shirdi!

You have booked the tickets for Ahmedabad to Shirdi bus, but now you find yourself in the whirlwind of thoughts of ‘Where to go in Shirdi’, ‘What are the places that you can visit in Shirdi’, and ‘How am I going to spend the entire ‘n’ days with my family or friends?’.

Well, we, Shrinath Solitaire, are here to solve your issues in one shot.

We will discuss how you can spend the best time in Shirdi!

Before you book the tickets for Ahmedabad to Shirdi Volvo AC bus with us, we want you to know the best season in which you must visit this place.

Best season to visit Shirdi

Though you can visit Shirdi throughout the entire year anytime, here is a month-wise break-up of the weather to help you plan better.

  • December to February: Winters are the best time to book Ahmedabad to Shirdi bus. The weather is pleasant, and it is a great time to enjoy the divine, pilgrimage, and beatific natural sites. The temperature mostly recorded at this time is between 8 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius.
  • March to May: This slot is the best time to visit if you don’t like too much crowd. The temperature during this time goes up to 40 degrees. Carry umbrellas and wear light clothing fabric to save yourself from the heat.
  • June to August: The beginning of monsoon season everywhere in India. Make sure if you are booking the tickets to Shirdi, you choose our Volvo AC bus so that you can reach the destination without any trouble. It is also a great time to visit the Sai Ashram and Sai Temple.

Places you can visit in Shirdi.

Here are some of the places that you can visit once you step down from the Volvo AC bus from Ahmedabad to Shirdi with us.

1. Sai temple:

The divine temple of Sai! This is the first place to go as Shirdi is the place where Sai did all the miracles. Sai Baba arrived in Shirdi, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, about 1858 and remained there until his death in 1918. Seek the blessings of Sai.

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2. Amruteshwar temple:

Located near Shirdi, it is a recognized tourist place. The temple is located at a distance of 115 km from Shirdi, near the banks of the holy river Pravara. It is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and was built by the Shilahara dynasty in the 9th century A.D.

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This temple’s unique thing is the unique Hemadpanthi architectural style, and the entire temple is built with black and red stones. You can have an in-depth look at the decorative ceilings and the beautifully carved walls.

3. Tiger Valley:

Located nearly 215 km away from Shirdi, the tiger valley is a beautiful place that will leave you awe-struck. The beautiful destination is for nature lovers who love to admire the greenery, mountains, and everything that gives them a sniff of freedom.

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It is an adventurous place located just near Shirdi and has a sight to behold forever.

4. Khandoba Mandir:

Want to witness the rich history and divine vibe all-together? You can visit this amazing place close to Shirdi. This place has very close relevance to Shirdi Sai Baba. in this temple; you can find the famous icons of Khandoba, Banai, and Mhalsai.

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You can visit the mandir during the aarti - 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. It is located just opposite the Shirdi Bus Stand.

5. Dixit Wada Museum:

Located at the Sansthan temple’s centre, this beautiful museum promises to give you all a glimpse of the old times and get you more close to Sai Baba. The museum is famous for preserving some of the ancient inventions like gramophone records, smoking pipe, cooking vessels, and also Sai Baba’s clothing like his Kafni (Long robe) and his padukas (footwear).

These were some of the best places to visit in Shirdi. If you are planning to visit Shirdi, you can look up our super comfortable Volvo AC bus from Ahmedabad to Shirdi. Want to book tickets for your future travel, the Shrinath website has all the options to make booking tickets online easy! Simply visit here and choose the seat of your choice

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